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New Improved Whisky Galore Collection

Duncan Taylor's Whisky Galore Collection has been redesigned in order to increase the brands presence on shop shelves. The new design also sees the introduction of cask strength bottlings to the Whisky Galore Range as an addition to the existing 46% range. Selected casks from the Whisky Galore Collection will now be bottled at cask strength and similar to the Duncan Taylor Collection will carry full details of the cask including bottling date, cask number and each bottle will be individually numbered.

The new label also states when the whisky has been matured in a sherry cask cutting down on any confusion that may have previously occurred with this information not being present on the bottle label.

The cask strength and 46% versions will also be differentiated by the colours used for the Whisky Galore logos. For the cask strength range the logo will be in gold where as the 46% bottlings logo will be in copper.

The New Whisky Galore Bottlings will also have Duncan Taylor Gold Foil Capsules to reinforce the fact that the Whisky Galore Range is bottled by Duncan Taylor. In the past it has not always been clear that the Whisky Galore Range is connected with Duncan Taylor & Co Ltd.

We feel that the new label designs will enhance the presence of the Whisky Galore Range on the shelves and with the extra information provided, should carry wider appeal.

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